Friday, August 16, 2013

What concession (not reservation) is granted to SC/ST officers for promotion within Group A post

Reservation to SC/ST exists at all level in the matter of promotion by non selection method.  In case of promotion by selection, SC/ST officer gets reservation upto the lowest rung of Group ‘A’.  There is no reservation in promotion by selection within Group ‘A’.  However, in case of promotion by selection from a Group ‘A’ post to another Group ‘A’ post having Grade Pay of Rs.8700/- or less, the SC/ST officers who are senior enough in the zone of consideration for promotion so as to be within the number of vacancies for which the select list is being drawn up will be included in the select list provided they are not considered unfit for promotion.  This is not reservation but concession to such SC/ST officers.  In this manner, sufficient care is taken to ensure that the SC/ST officers also earn promotion to such higher posts even if they do not meet the criterion laid down for general category candidates.